Sunday, March 8, 2009

White Dishes: Episode 1

As mentioned in my little bio, I'm a lover of white dishes. I have no idea how many I have, but I do know they won't all fit in my kitchen, so they live unhappily in the garage as well as the bonus room. I think I'll convert the bonus into a hugemongous butler's pantry to house all my white dishes in style...someday.

I was shopping earlier this week (I shop almost daily) and stumbled upon these:

I knew instantly they'd become a part of my tribe of white plates, platters, bowls and the like. I scooped them up and naturally started scouring the store for more. Unfortunately, I didn't find more; however, I'm still on the prowl.

I can't be the only person who feels that specific foods MUST be served on specific dishes. When I saw these, I instantly thought about salads and hors d' oeuvres. I later read, on a message board I frequent, that a member had enjoyed an Asian Chicken Salad for dinner and the light bulb went off!!

I'm one of those people who must find an excuse to use the new stuff right away, so I did. Now I can gleefully tuck them away with the rest of my babies.

Sheila Denise


  1. I am DONE with similarities now, ok ... have I never told you about my bowl fetish? ANY bowl, so long as it is unique and not a set.

    I have them in the kitchen, I have them at the front door, I have them stored in my dresser, I have them everywhere ... if you need a bowl, I'm your guy.

  2. We'll have to plan an unveiling of our bowls and dishes someday. Stored in your dresser huh?? LOL

  3. WOW! That definitely looks tasty

  4. I see why you want me to build you cabinets in the garage now, LOL!!!!

    If I do...can I get a taste of that salad...looks absolutely delicious!