Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Temptation Tuesday - Creamsicle Oreos

Another tidbit about me...I have a odd relationship with Oreos. I don't like the traditional ones or any of the ones with the chocolate cookie combination. I only like Golden Oreos, well, actually, I only like the outsides of the Golden version. Yes, I lift off the cream and eat the cookies. I can almost hear you gasping, but it works for me on those rare occasions that I want an Oreo.

As I took a stroll through Walmart, I noticed a display that appeared to be Golden Oreos, and I wondered why they were making such a big "to-do" about them, then I thought, maybe they were some special Easter ones that were on clearance. Upon closer inspection, I realized they were the Golden ones, but the filling was orange and white. Right before my eyes were packages of Limited Edition Creamsicle Golden Oreos. I thought the orange flavor might be worth a shot, so I picked up a package. I haven't tried them yet, but wanted to share my latest find with you.

The filling is a stacked combo of the orange and vanilla cream, although on the packaging the filling appears in half moon shapes of each flavor.

Based on the flyer I saw on my way out, this limited edition flavor is only available at Walmart. So, if you think this is something you'll like, I suggest you get yourself there, since we don't know how "limited" limited edition really is.

Now that an orange-flavored Oreo exists, I wonder if Nabisco will ever consider making a lemon-filled Golden Oreo. What's your favorite Oreo flavor and do you think you'll give the Creamsicle ones a try?

Sheila Denise

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