Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm a Shameless Copy Cat - Hot Tomato and Mango Sorbet Soup

This is a confession of sorts. I stalk bloggers, all kinds of bloggers, but especially those who exhibit a love affair with food and entertaining. Several months ago, I began a stalker love affair with a FANTASTIC lady who happens to live in the Atlanta area. She simply exudes food, entertainment and hospitality and along with being one of the sweetest people I've NEVER met, I fell in love with her and her blog. Her name is Patti, a self-professed hospitalityaholic and creator of the blog, Anatomy of a Dinner Party. I'm not quite sure that hospitalityaholic is a big enough word to encompass all the greatness that Miss. Patti is.

Well a weekish or so ago, Patti posted an entry that immediately captured my attention, Hot Tomato & Mango Sorbet Soup. Now I don't know about y'all, but my country self had never heard of such, but was absolutely intrigued by the combination of flavors. I knew I HAD to make that soup! Well, I got a little sidetracked for a few days, but I finally got around to making it today. I was out of homemade sorbet, so cheated with a commercial brand . Since Patti said it was SPICY so in New Orleans fashion, I added cayenne to the tomato soup and OMG this stuff was DELICIOUS!!! A spicy, cool, basil-y bowl of tomato soup goodness, with BACON on top!! This soup was so good that I didn't even bother to sit down to eat it and I am not ashamed. As odd as this might sound, don't let it stop you. Enough about me carrying on about the soup. Here are the pics and yeah, I know the bacon is a bit crispy.

Sending out a HUGE thank you to Patti and Chef Matt Murphy at M Bistro - The Ritz Carlton New Orleans!! Looking forward to having this many, many more times.

Sheila Denise