Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Create A Fabulous Mother's Day Meal

Although the gift has probably been selected, many are hesitating on what to do meal-wise for Mother's Day. Breakfast in bed, brunch at home, brunch out, lunch, dinner....?? The bottom line is, no matter what we decide to do, the fact that we're honoring our mothers is all that really matters, so relax a bit and enjoy the day.

If you'd like to do something at home, here a few suggestions. I recommend a quick search via Foodgawker or your favorite recipe search engine to find a recipe you'd like to try or you can certainly pick up many of these items at your favorite bakery or your local market's bakery/deli. You truly still have time to create a memorable experience for Mom.

French Toast (Baked or Traditional):

If you want to free up your morning, opt for the baked version which is assembled the night before and baked the next morning.

Biscuits or Scones:

Pancakes or Waffles:

Omelets, Frittata or Quiche:

If you haven't mastered the "foldover" with omelets, skip it and leave them open-faced to keep things simple.

Coffee Cake, Monkey Bread or Muffins:

Salad (Pasta, Chicken or Veggie):

A few more tips:

1. Assemble a fruit tray with a few of Mom's favorite fresh and dries fruit selections. Feel free to add a couple of cheeses, nuts, crackers and jams as well. This makes for the perfect all day snack.

2. Take a little time and fresh-squeeze the citrus juice. There's nothing like the taste of freshly pressed juice.

3. Change the location of your typical dining. Use your imagination to make this spectacular day a special one.

If Mom's bedroom space allows, bring in a card table, cover it with a white cloth (or sheet) add a centerpiece of flowers or candles, pull out great dishes and have a wonderful breakfast in an unexpected spot.

You can also enjoy the meal outside. Create a rustic outdoor table using an unexpected fabric as a table cover. I plan to use a drop cloth (yes the kind you use when painting) to create a beautiful canvas for simple white dishes. See the photo below. If you have flowers in your yard, add a few to a vase or even a glass to bring in a splash of color. It would be nice to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, while having a wonderful meal with Mom.

I hope these suggestions offer motivation and guidance in helping you create a fabulous meal for Mom this Sunday. Just remember to keep it stress-free and enjoy!!

In addition to honoring my mother and remembering my grandmothers, I'm saluting all the women who've "mothered" me along the way. Wishing each of you a spectacular Mother's Day!

Sheila Denise

Photos via Google (except Pistachio Muffin, Drop Cloth & White Dishes-via True Southern Elegance).

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