Monday, March 16, 2009

My Sister's Breasts

GOTCHA!! Not her actual breasts (breasticles as I call them), I'm referring to CHICKEN breasts. This all started on Saturday when my sister, Riley, called to announce that she was shopping for ingredients for yet another recipe she discovered. Riley is an exceptional cook; however, she doesn't do it often, so I was excited that I could possibly invite myself to Saturday dinner. She then clearly stated, "Oh, I'm cooking this for Sunday and everybody's coming." I spent the remainder of Saturday afternoon thinking about Sunday dinner. I received a call later on Saturday and Riley said, "Girl, the chicken is soooo good. I don't think there'll be any left for tomorrow, so I'm cooking an Irish roast in honor of Saint Patrick's Day!" I was in shock, she TOLD me that we were having chicken on Sunday. I didn't want Irish roast!! I was hurt and determined to make her feel really, really bad about her change in plans. No, it never occurred to me how spoiled and selfish that sounds.

So I arrive (pouting) for dinner on Sunday and there to greet me were a few pieces of LEFTOVER CHICKEN BREASTICLES!!! Stuffed with arugula, sun-dried tomatoes and GOAT CHEESE (one of my favorite cheeses). I was thrilled beyond description. She sliced and I plated and it was delicious. I practically forgot that I was there for the Irish meal, so I enjoyed it as my appetizer.

The Irish meal was fabulous, but I'm still thinking of breasticles. I see making this chicken dish in my future.

Sheila Denise


  1. Now that certainly was a fabulous way to prepare chicken breasts....or breasticles as you referred to them. Being a Northern sort of guy... I like to take a chicken breast and slice it lengthwise, place nice Italian ham and pepper cheese inside it, roll it up and bake it lightly. Seems that no matter what you stuff inside the breasts, it is always a eat...that is...oh shut up Billy!

  2. My nutty northern friend on his best behavior.