Monday, March 9, 2009

Shrimp with Mango and Black Bean Salsa Summer 08

I was clearing off a few media cards tonight and found some photos of two of my favorite things--shrimp and mango & black bean salsa. This was my default meal most of the warm months last year. I was a constant fixture at Costco, during their Seafood Road Shows. I have become addicted to their colossal shrimp and their HUGE scallops. Enough of my rambling...I have magazines to peruse.

Sheila Denise

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  1. Very interesting recipe for shrimp. Being a Northerner...and from New England...the shrimp dishes here are far less exotic than what you prepared. True..we have great seafood, but the preparation is the same throughout New coconut mix.....tossed with dried tomatoes and Alfredo Sauce with Pasta. I think what you have created is a nice twist of Pacific, Mexican and Southern tastes...very different and very exotic....Mmmmm!