Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weekly Travels: Episode I

As an Account Manager, my territory encompasses half the state of Georgia, from the northeastern mountains down to the southeastern coast, with many interesting points in between. My mission, while trekking though my territory, is to stumble upon unique dining opportunities, shop in one-of-a-kind spots, and view interesting things.

This week, while driving to Helen (at a slower pace than normal--thanks Mr. Slow Driver), I happened to notice a structure along the highway. I turned off GA Highway 75 onto GA Highway 17 to get a closer look and to read the marker. I really wanted to jump the fence and roll around in the green, green grass (how'd it get that green in March anyway?), but I remembered that I was working AND I didn't want to go to jail for doing something so incredibly silly. I took pictures instead. The view, with the mountain (Mount Yonah) in the background, was quite lovely. Take a look at the Nacoochee Indian Mound.

Sheila Denise

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  1. After traveling for over 24 years in my professional life, it was quite romantic to have visited so many different places around the world and to have experienced the flavors of the many different countries & cultures I encountered. Today, the sights and native festivities of my travels are just memories, tucked away forever only to serve as my personal slide show.

    It really is nice to see others who truly experience the fun and adventure of traveling and want to share this with others. Their findings certainly do stimulate our taste buds with the knowledge of what else lurks outside of own natural boundaries. The world is a beautiful place filled with creative people and festive foods. Thank you for sharing your experiences and your creativity SDW!