Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Little Home Improvement Project - Door Hardware

Of all the places I've been and enjoyed, I absolutely without a doubt LOVE being at home more than anywhere else. I've taken great strides in creating a peaceful, comfortable and inviting space for myself and those who grace me with their presence. I'm constantly tweaking things along the way to ensure that home continues to feel like home.

For a while now, I've been contemplating changing the door hardware through my home. I had grown tired of the "builder's special" shiny goldish hardware and wanted something that would update my decor. I knew all the things I didn't want...anything finished with brass, nickel, or bronze and absolutely nothing frilly...I wanted something a bit warm--a slight take-off from the finishes just described.

Last week, I was out shopping for ribbon, scoops, and small picture frames, when I got sidetracked (as usual) and noticed door hinges in a finish that was similar to what I thought I wanted. I rushed to the display and managed to find only 50, leaving me short of the total number I needed, but I was determined to make this happen. In the midst of all my excitement, I didn't notice that the things were $1, yes, ONE DOLLAR!!! I think I momentarily blacked out. The wonderful assistant at the checkout called another location and had them hold a stash for me. I was soooooooooo excited that I was finally going to update my door hardware--didn't have a door knob in sight, but hey, it was going to work out. I arrived home and immediately rushed to the laptop to search for door knobs and door stops and found everything I needed at It then occurred to me that I needed hinges for the exterior doors (which are larger than those for internal doors), so I ordered them from Both offered extremely fast shipping and I couldn't be more pleased with their products and service. Below, you can see the difference between the interior and exterior hinge.
Now about the missing door knobs...
Isn't it just lovely??
Here's a closer look:
I'm done with all the interior doors and door stops, but haven't found hardware inspiration for the exterior doors just yet. I'm a very patient girl, so waiting for just the right hardware won't be an issue. I really love the look of the Antique Pewter finish. It's casting a very warm effect throughout my home--not too nickely and not too bronzey. Here's a sneak peek at my mostly finished project.
If you're contemplating updating your door hardware, don't be afraid to do it yourself--it's quick and easy, and the results are so rewarding.

Back to surfing for exterior door hardware. Any suggestions on great websites or brick-n-mortar stores with fab hardware??

Sheila Denise


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    I have been working for roof repair projects in these days and that is the reason I often need to visit home improvement blogs. I can't read all your post, but can understand that you have some innovating mind it is good habit to do your own work and even it was the habit of last prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him as well.

  2. That is a job well done. It is nice to know that you still have time to do it yourself. Some people are too busy with work that's why they just purchase door hard wares online and leave the installation to the experts.