Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Treasure - Busaba Eathai

This week's treasure is Busaba Eathi, a small restaurant with great food and even greater service, that I visited during my January vacation to London and Versailles. Boy BFF, Chuck and I enjoyed our meal so much that we embarked on our own version of The Amazing Race to have it a second time. We left London and spent a couple of days in Versailles, but during our trip back to London, we decided that we needed a repeat performance. We got back to London at 9:40 PM, knowing the last order would be taken at 10:30, so picture two complete lunatics hopping on the tube, rushing to the hotel, dropping off bags, and SPRINTING in a mad race against the clock. I'm pleased to announce that we arrived at Busaba Eathai with EIGHT minutes to spare!! Running through the streets of London to one last meal, makes Busaba Eathai forever a TSE Treasure.

Here's a little snapshot of our first meal. Please pardon the photo quality, they were shot with my Blackberry.

Thai Calamari

Pad Thai

Pandan Chicken

Brown Rice

Chinese Broccoli

All washed down with a few of these

Sadly, there are no photos of that last meal, but believe me there were TONS of empty plates and bowls on our table. What a girl won't do for a great meal!! What are some of your restaurant treasures?

Sheila Denise

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