Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Treasure - Cake Stand

Noticing a trend here this week?? I'm working really hard on being a more consistent blogger and dedicating days to specific topics is really going to help. On Tuesday, I introduced Temptation Tuesday and today is the official roll out of Thursday Treasure. This thought popped into my head when I made a fantastic discovery today. Thursdays will feature great finds that I happen upon or a great find that you share with me. I hope you appreciate the direction in which TSE is moving.

While shopping in one of my favorite stores, Big Lots, I overheard two shoppers discussing a store called Value Village and their GREAT deals in the housewares department. Now as a person who NEVER passes on an opportunity to score a deal, I immediately wrapped up my Big Lots shopping and scurried to Value Village. I rushed to the back of the store and started my scavenger hunt. Glassware for 20, 30, 40 cents!!! I could hardly contain myself. The moment I thought I would simply pass out, I turned the corner and nearly DIED when I saw this vision of beauty.

This is a stainless steel rotating cake stand!!! I had just posted on Facebook last night that I wanted to enroll in a few cake decorating classes, and there I was... staring at one of the items I'd need when to help me become a proficient cake decorator. I love everything about this stand--the simplicity, the sleekness, EVERYTHING!! I was even more thrilled to see that it was a Crate and Barrel item!!

The only info I could find on this stand was from a Chowhound post. Apparently the original price was $20 and it was on sale for $16.95 at that time (2004). This is the closest I can come to obtaining a pricing information. I'm happy to announce that I paid a whopping $6.96 for my slightly scratched, but perfectly beautiful (after a scrub session with a little Bar Keepers Friend)!

I can hardly wait to debut my latest find with a beautifully decorated cake (or a few cupcakes). What treasures have you uncovered lately?

Sheila Denise


  1. How cool! I love a nice and different cake stand! I'm also loving the daily themes. :-)

  2. Tamara, I was sooo excited when I discovered it. Glad you love the daily themes!!

  3. I thought so too TBS. Auntie Martha is one of my many "do it all" idols...along with a certain Socialite!! ;-)