Monday, January 31, 2011

Finally a Girl & Pink Stuff!!

Today is Briana's birthday. The little girl who four years ago, broke the 43-year-all-boy-since-me tradition. You see, I was the last girl and youngest in my family. Riley has two sons and Tony has three sons. An entire generation of boys...what's a girl to do?? Turn one of the boys into a shopper, that's what!! I did a really great job of "forcing" my shopping habits on Nephew #2 and am quite pleased with myself in that arena, but I was missing the shopping-for-frilly-things experience. Hey, I could only go so far with the boy, so...I waited and waited and waited. When I heard that a GIRL was on the way...I got jealous!! Yep, I did, for a brief while. I wasn't sure I REALLY wanted to pass along my last-girl-in-the-family tiara, but the baby girl was cute, and after a few "discussions" with her, we agreed to move forward with the understanding that all the prissy, girly, frilly things that I had been waiting to do would be bestowed upon her. Boy am I sticking to that promise. Our lives have been forever brightened by Briana's arrival. Watching her become an independent, talkative, bright, loving, protective, beautiful little girl has been nothing short of spectacular.

I'm delivering these to her after school:

Happy Birthday to Auntie's Princess Briana!! I think we make a pretty awesome team!!

Sheila Denise

Recipe courtesy of Tip Junkie. (I used Strawberry Lemonade)


  1. She is a cutie! Those cookies look yummy! Need the recipe stat!

  2. Thanks Tamara. She called last night and gave the cookies her approval. The recipe link is included in the post, just below my signature.