Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh Happy Day!!

Wanna know why? Today is a GREAT day because 60 years ago, my parents welcomed their first child into the world. Yep, my Big Sister, Ray Nita was born!! Yay!!

Riley (her last name) has to be the BESTEST sister in the world. I truly can't imagine trying to share my heart with a second or third sister. I really don't think it would be possible. As close as we are, it's hard for many people to believe that, for many years, we existed in essentially two different worlds. You see, Riley is 13 years older than Ms. TSE, so for many years, we had very little common. I was into toys at the time she was into boys. By the time I became interested in particular subject, she was WELL over it. Here's another way to put it into perspective--Riley graduated high school the summer before I started kindergarten. Can you say oddballs?? So do you get it now?? Good!!

I remained the "little sister" for what seemed like forever. Riley went to college, got married and had two sons, while I still remained the "kid" in the family. I actually felt like her sons were brothers, because she treated me the same way she treated them. I often wondered if I would EVER grow up and shake the "little sister" position. Well, one day, out of the blue, the kid treatment, age gap, and differing interests just disappeared. POOF!! We had essentially morphed into twins!! I've never questioned the hows/whys regarding this transformation--we simply met somewhere in the middle and eliminated the gap. We suddenly had EVERYTHING in common, except for one Can you believe the girl doesn't like to shop?? Now that I think about it, I probably shop enough for both us (and a small army), so it's okay. I really should get back to the birthday girl. I'll be brief, and I'll try not to cry (very much).

Riley, Happy Birthday and many, many more!! I pray that this is your BEST year yet and that your life continues to be one big progression of greatness!! Health and happiness to you always. Everyone should experience the honor and joy of having a sister just like you. Here's to bridging the gap, Big Sis!!

I love you,

Little Sis

Happy Wednesday y'all!!

Sheila Denise

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  1. So sweet!!! Happy Birthday Miss Nita! :-)