Thursday, January 13, 2011

How I Ate My Way Through Stormwatch 2011 Atlanta

When I wrote on Sunday about the things I want to master, little did know (never imagined) that I'd be stuck at home since Sunday afternoon. Did y'all hear me?? STUCK, absolutely no driving ANYWHERE, no opportunity to go to Publix to touch produce or purchase my favorite Boars Head Jerk Turkey Breast, no dining out, no Goodwill thrifting, no searching for deals at Ross, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx or Marshalls, no NOTHING!! Now mind you, when I say stuck, I mean I've been on lock down! Before you start feeling super-sorry for me, I have a confession to make--I've loved every minute of being stuck at home--I just enjoy whining about not being able to shop. For years, in my former life, I rarely had an opportunity to spend very much time at home. I was an expert car renting, hotel dwelling, room servicing, restaurant dining puppet. Since Sunday, I've tracked down every speck of dust; reorganized the kitchen and bathroom(s) cabinets, the pantry, the linen closet, the bar, the coat closet and last, but not least, my dreaded office file cabinet. While doing all that, I've also forced myself to cook (more than I normally do) based on what's on hand.

Now this next part will probably not surprise you. In my shut in state, somehow I fell into a bit of hibernation-induced sipping and eating, so to ease my guilt, I'm sharing a few photos with you. In all reality, my little eatfest started on Saturday evening after a fantastic lunch with some super-fabulous friends at La Madeleine.

I was wise to order a small one this time.

I won't even attempt to tell you how much of this I inhaled, but let's just say that I've mulled about as much as I can mull.

Kinda-sorta fried, but not deep fried. I may have my "Southern" card taken.

Who can survive a snow storm without gingerbread?

This is my I'm-beginning-to-feel-guilty dinner last night.

And today's still-feeling-a-little-guilty lunch. I used the leftover lump crab.

I think we'll be somewhat back to normal tomorrow, so I decided to have one last unnecessary, but quite delicious meal as my official goodbye to Stormwatch 2011 Atlanta.

Guilt is nowhere to be found on this plate.

Metro Atlanta should be almost back to normal for the weekend. If not, I suppose I'll just continue to organize, reorganize, and eat myself into a stupor.

Since 49 of our 50 states (lucky Florida) are "enjoying" snow, I'd love to hear how you're coping.

Sheila Denise


  1. I'm coping by drooling at your pics! Lump crab salad? Gingerbread? Horseradish grits? Yes! Yes! Yes!

  2. You're such a terrible influence!! LOL