Monday, June 7, 2010

Turning 50

Today marks the 50th birthday of my late brother, Tony. 50, fifty, the Big Five-O...however you put it, he'd be half a century old. WOW!!!

I was talking with my other brother, Curt, a few days ago, and we were discussing Tony and wondering how Mother feels to have such "old" children. As the youngest, I was really referring to everyone BUT me. Nita & Curt are both pushing HARD on 60's door and I know I'll always be a "baby" in Mother's eyes. As a non-parent, I'm always amazed to see young-uns I've know from babyhood to adulthood, so I can only imagine how parents feel when their babies evolve into full-fledged grownups. I mean AARPers, seniors-shopping-on-discount-days and the likes. Mother happens to be the proud owner of some of these people and it simply boggles my mind.

As I thought about this entry last week, I wasn't sure which direction to take it--should I keep it serious or should I be as Tony was--silly as all get-out. After Facebooking with Alexander, the youngest of his three sons (Andre-oldest & Jamal-middle), I decided that silly would be the route to take. Since I tend to assign numbers to "The Nephews", Andre is #3, Jamal is #4 and Alexander is #5 (just for future reference if names aren't used).

I can hear Tony's distinctive "squiggle" as I type this--it's kinda hard to describe or duplicate his laugh, so the best I can do is blend a squeal with a giggle. It was one of those sounds you'd hear coming from him and you'd burst into laughter too (after you got over the shock of that sound actually coming from a boy). Mind you, the entire family is quite silly, so it doesn't take much to get us on the giggle train, but there was absolutely no way we could hear Tony squiggling and not join in. Don't you just love folks that make you laugh??

You know what?? I've decided that I won't turn this into a long story about Tony. I'm going to end it here and ask you to think about the person who possesses "that" know, the one that throws you into your own little gigglefest and leaves no doubt that they are truly tickled from their toes to their nose. That's exactly what I'm doing today.

Happy Birthday T!!

Sheila Denise


  1. AlexanderJune 07, 2010

    Happy Birthday Daddy! I miss you!

  2. Happy birthday cousin tony!!!!

  3. WOW! As, I was commenting with you during the Mayo Angelou service your profile pic caught my eye. Tears began to flow as I notice that's my classmate/friend/cousins. Sheila this is such a great memorial of such the great person he was and more. I just hope with the tears in my eyes that I haven't misspell to many words. The laughter through school and life with him will forever be in my heart. Tony, I miss that big bold smile and the humor that we both share it hasn't been easy, but even in my 50's I still got it...LOVE YOU CUZZIN!