Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flip It Again (by Guest Blogger SmileyEats)

Hey y'all. I have my VERY FIRST guest blogger!!! I'm sooooooooo excited that I can hardly contain myself! I had the honor of spending an afternoon with a very special foodie friend and we did a mini stroll from Star Provisions to Flip Burger Boutique on Howell Mill Road. Initially , our purpose was to attend a "biscuit tasting" at Star, but to our dismay, the biscuit lady had done run outta biscuits, so we "settled" for a quite tasty Maple Bacon Doughnut (similar to the photo below, but with larger chunks of bacon). Both being bacon lovers, we momentarily died and went to heaven...salty-sweet combination at it's finest. Our plan was for both of us to to blog about out excursion, but since he beat me to the punch, I asked if he'd be my guest blogger and he was gracious enough to accept. Isn't he a sweetheart?? Oh yeah, I'm the "someone" he mentions below. *giggle*

I must mention that I tweeted that we missed out on the biscuit tasting and received a nice apology from at Tim at Star Provisions, so all is well with the world after all.

1587 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30318

Yes - the entire city is stuffed with burger joints. Yes, the foodierati are all voicing their "I'm so over it" disdain.

I don't care - I LIKE fancy burger joints.

After a quick trip to Star Provisions earlier in the day, a friend and I (someone I can always count on for a hey-let's-go-here-and-order-lots-to-taste meal) decided to head up Howell Mill and hit Flip Burger Boutique.

As I made mention earlier, we order quite a bit and then treat it sortof like a tasting menu - a little from here, a little from there. Today's choices were:

Fried Okra and Confit Duck Nuggets - the okra was good but a bit too salty and the duck nuggets were SPOT ON TASTY. Shredded duck, breaded, deep fried, served with blood orange dipping sauce (which had a bit of a kick to it).

The burgers - the Southern, the Butcher's Cut and the Thai Chicken - we both agreed the best of the three to be the Southern, with its layering of almost-pickled pickles, pimento cheese, green tomato ketchup and a deep fried patty, but we were torn on which burger ran 2nd and 3rd.

Both were really good - the Butcher's Cut, with its blue cheese and red wine jam was a bracing taste departure from the sweetness of the Southern. And the Thai Chicken patty (served between two iceberg lettuce leaves - pointless, IMO) was fresh and bright and had just the right amount of cilantro and vinegar.

Onion rings

Ok - so the onion rings were an afterthought brought on by watching the couple next to us eating theirs. They just looked so good - and were! VERY onion-ey. Light batter, I believe it was vodka batter or something. All in all a great ring.

Thank you Rodney for being my first!! ;-)

Sheila Denise

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