Sunday, June 27, 2010

Icy Treats for Summer Heat - Popsicles

Although summer didn't officially begin until last Monday, here in Atlanta, we've been enjoying/suffering through 90+ degree temperatures for a few weeks. I took this shot on Friday afternoon. As one who's not a friend of the scorching heat, I've inhaled more cold liquid concoctions than I can count, but hydration is key, so if it's cold, I'm all over it.

While at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market yesterday, my foodie bud, smileyeats decided to brag and shared a photo via Twitter of a delicious looking Cucumber Mint popsicle he was gnawing on from Fresco Pops. He commented that is was quite tasty, his exact words were, "It was AWFULLY tasty - not too sweet and the cucumber was very cooling". I'll admit, that I immediately became envious...I wanted a popsicle too!!

So, I dashed to the kitchen to discover the only things I had on hand were a watermelon, a mango or two and several limes, so I decided to combine mango and lime. So I got to cutting, zesting and blending and voila--I had enough concoction for four popsicles! I took this photo on the patio in honor of the very spot I'd be in when I indulged in my goodies.

Well this afternoon, I was ready for my little taste test and let me tell you...this is the perfect combination for my jealous little tastebuds. Just the right amount of everything--mango, zest and juice.

This is the popsicle mold I used for making my icy treats. As you can see, the stick/drip holder is attached. You don't have to get all fancy-smancy--paper cups and popsicle sticks will do just fine, but regardless of how you choose to make them...MAKE THEM!!! The flavor combinations are absolutely endless. Juice, pureed fruit, a splash of tequila/rum/vodka, yogurt, pudding--you get the idea.

Happy summer y'all!

Sheila Denise

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