Monday, April 4, 2011

We Have A Winner!! {Tagline Contest}

This is an EXCITING day at TSE as we move closer to revealing the new and improved website!! When the "TSE Needs A Tagline" contest was posted, y'all really went to work submitting FABULOUS taglines for consideration. I am honored that you took the time to participate and The Mastermind Group and I are pleased to announce the contest winner...

...drum roll please

 know I have to tease you a teeny bit first, right?? LOL

...okay, I'll stop playing around now.


Yep, someone's laughing at you!!

Let me remind you of the prize...

...okay, I'm serious this time...

And our winner is.......................Amelia Davis!!!!

The official tagline for TSE is Simply Tradition and we are anxious to release our new look (hopefully this week)!!!

Thank you to all who were gracious enough to share your ideas and now that contests have begun, you'll likely see quite a few popping up at the new site. This is what I think of ALL of you!!

Congratulations Amelia!! We will contact you shortly to obtain your shipping information!!

Sheila Denise


  1. Congratulations Amelia! Great tag line!

  2. Yay for Amelia!! What a cool prize, too! xoox

  3. Woooooo hoooooo!!!! I'm sooooo happy!!! Thanks sooo much!! I feel like I've won a million dollars!!
    Thanks everyone!!

  4. LOL!! Thank you all for being a part of TSE and Amelia, I'm sooooo energized by your excitement!!