Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Treasure - Travel Momentos

Y'all should know by now that I love thrifting and am always eager to share my latest acquisitions with you. I could barely hold out until today to reveal this fabulous find. I'm telling you, I hit the JACKPOT!!

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I enjoyed a great trip to London, Paris and Versailles in January and have been plotting my next trip since the moment vacation ended. I truly enjoyed my trip and as always, I purchased items that embodied the spirit of the city/cities visited. Little did I know that I'd travel to London and back, only to find the BEST souvenir known to man (or woman) right here in my own backyard! I'm telling you, you're going to pass out when you see this! Then, you're going to pass out AGAIN when you find out how little I spent.

Okay, I've gushed enough about my latest find, so here is my perfect reflection of the London portion of my trip. I couldn't have planned a better purchase!!

Aren't these the most adorably perfect cuff links EVER?!?!? I can't believe they were waiting for me at my local Goodwill store. Now the best part of this great find is, they were less than $2!! Can you understand why I was so over-the-moon excited to share my Thursday Treasure with you?

What steal of a deal have you discovered lately and what are your favorite thrifting spots? Maybe I should plan a TSE Goes Thrifting Tour. Stay tuned, the tour may be coming to a city near you.

Sheila Denise


  1. Now I never would have thought that you could find that unique cuff links by thrift shopping! Hey, I just found out from my Uncle Curt that there is a website. LOL!

  2. I was shocked with I saw them!! I had to take a second and third look! LOL

    Goodwill shopping online = AWESOME!!