Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Love Cake Pans!!!

I have a cake pan fetish. Yes, in addition to my out of control white dish fetish, I've managed to add yet another "addiction" to my ever-growing list of weaknesses.

As I dug through my collection for spring and summer pans, I narrowed my options down to two. My Rose Bundtlette Pan (Nordicware) and my Mini Cheesecake Pan(Norpro). This cheesecake pan is one of the best creations ever made. The bottoms lift out for easy peasy removal. You get perfect cheesecake, key lime tarts, and the like with very little effort and the ooohhs and aaaahhs they create aren't bad either. Okay I'll confess, I have four of these cheesecake pans, but they make the dainty-est, girly-est, prissy-est desserts!!!

Rose Buntlette Pan:
Mini Cheesecake Pan:
A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I NEEDED a square angel food bundt pan, so I started scouring thrift stores. My mother and grandmother have/had the traditional round version, but I was determined to own a square one. I didn't have any luck at the thrift stores, so I checked Ebay and BINGO!!! I am the proud owner of a square angel food bundt pan. I was thrilled when the package arrived. Luckily for my postal delivery lady, I wasn't at home or I would have given her a bear hug. I wonder about the history of this pan and how many smiles it produced when the previous owner used it. I have plans to use it to generate smiles as well. Here it is in all it's gently-used glory:

During one of my many strolls through TJMaxx, I found this gorgeous pan. It's a Nordiware Mini Bundt Quartet Pan. I am fond of all things Nordicware as they've never failed to perform as promised. I own three of the four shapes and thought it would be too adorable to make a large version for the grown-ups and a mini version for my great-niece. She's the only little person in the family and the first girl since me, so bear with me as I go overboard. Not that I needed an excuse to purchase this pan, it was simply too adorable to pass up, plus, it was half the regular retail price.

Mini Traditional Bundt:
Mini Star Bundt:
Mini Bavaria:
Mini Heart (I don't have the large version of this one):
Rest assured, I'll post when I make delicious treats created in these pans.

I'm sooooo excited to add two more cake pans to my collection. Can you tell??

If you are a lover of cake pans, I'd love to hear about/see your collection.

Sheila Denise

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