Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dollar Tree Find

I'll warn you now. This may be one of my most random posts, but I'm so happy to share it that I don't mind if you give me funny looks. I won't keep you any longer than necessary, so this is what I found at Dollar Tree yesterday!!

Isn't is snazzy and cutalicious?!?!?! I'm not one to drag around brightly colored/patterned luggage, so this little tag is as wild as I'm going to get, but is will definitely assist me in identifying my luggage on the belt at the airport.

I need to plan a trip just to show it off!! Tell me about some of your favorite warm weather getaway spots??

Sheila Denise

Oh, I'm sure you're wondering about the QR Code up top. It's for a those of you who access the blog from your mobile devices. It's designed to give you the perfect layout for mobile viewing, so scan away and enjoy!!

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