Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gifts From Barcelona...Thanks Chuck!!

My colleague and BBFF (boy best friend forever), Chuck, is a frequent traveler to wherever the mood strikes. His latest location of admiration was Barcelona. One of the great things about Chuck's travels is his generosity in returning with gifts for ME!!! It's wonderful to have such a thoughtful friend.

White Chocolate & Lemon Biscuits:

When I saw the square box, I thought it was body cream because it looked similar in size to the Origins body creams that I love. Boy was I was surprised and happy to see that it was FOOD! Chuck picked it out, not only because the biscuits were tasty, but also because the packaging had won The Best Packaging Design Award - Laus 2008 (the most prestigious graphic design award in Spain). A tasty treat and unique is good!

These tiny biscuits are D-E-L-I-SHUS!! The white chocolate pieces are just the right size and the little zing of lemon is absolutely the perfect combination. I've been trying to trying to resist eating them all at once, so I'm having a couple every few days for dessert. I will be very, very sad when they're all gone.

I also received this beautiful Antoni Gaudi Mug:

Architect and designer, Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926) is known as the most internationally prestigious figure in Spanish architecture.

Can I tell you again how great it is to have such a thoughtful colleague? Thanks Chuck!!

Sheila Denise

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