Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crate & Barrel Taste on a Ross Budget

Hey y'all!! By now, you should know that I love a bargain almost as much as I love food (I said almost). LOL Crate & Barrel has been a favorite for many years and I have quite the stash of goodies to show for it. Not everyone can plop down the cash for some of the lovely items, and when I'm shopping for more budget conscious clients (yes, another one of my "jobs"), I make every effort to make the best use of their dollars. Of course, I do the same for me, so when I was out doing a little shopping in Ross the other day and happened upon a pair of candleholders that looked very familiar--they were so very similar to the Pixie candleholder from Crate & Barrel. I actually stood there and pulled up the photo the website to be REALLY sure. Don't believe here. Although, they're not exactly the same, they're close enough for me. Now for the price breakdown, the C & B version retails at $9.95, the Ross version retails at $2.99. So what do you think Little Miss Budget did?? I snatched up those two and nearly ripped the store apart, looking for more. I didn't find any more, but I'm headed out in a little while to "visit" another Ross store to quench my thirst for these babies, because I have grand plans!

Please share some of your budget knockoffs...I simply love a deal!!

It's truly the little things that make me extremely happy!

Sheila Denise

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