Monday, April 26, 2010

Spinach Salad...Simple & Delicious

A couple of weeks ago, an opportunity was presented that has allowed me to reconnect with many people whom I hadn't been afforded the time to truly relate to on the level that I would prefer. So in my excitement of hanging out and reconnecting, it occurred to me on Sunday that I have been eating and drinking like a celebrating idiot. I've probably eaten enough over the last couple of weeks to feed a frugal family of four--mind you, I'm not ashamed of this fact, but the truth is, I need to do a better job of making better decisions regarding food. Yes, I'm sure you noticed that I didn't mention drinking, that's because I ain't changing my "drankin" habits.

In efforts to eat better, I decided to visit one of my favorite markets for fresh produce, seafood, cheeses, coffees, desserts (that I didn't purchase) and practically everything else under the sun. This place is Your Dekalb Farmers Market, in Decatur. This place is simply a sight to behold and well worth the trip. I would have taken pics for y'all but they don't allow cameras, so you'll just have to take my word for it or go see for yourself. Besides having almost everything I needed to stock my fridge with freshness, the prices are fantastic!! I always leave wondering if they forgot to ring up half of my purchase.

In honor of my first day of "being good" with my eating habits, I decided to make a Spinach Salad. You know the green stuff that many people overlook on salad bars...yep that stuff. This is one of the simplest salads to make. You only need a few ingredients.

Red/Purple Onion
Goat Cheese or Bleu Cheese

Add a basic vinaigrette and dinner is served. Tonight, I used EVOO, strawberry balsamic vinegar, stone ground mustard, honey, coarsely ground black pepper and this was the perfect combination to bring all the salad ingredients together.

Y'all pretty much know by now that, besides baking, I'm not a measuring kinda girl, so I have no idea how much of each ingredient I used to make the dressing, but I can tell you that the best mixing method is a good old-fashioned mason jar--I used a recycled Classico Pesto jar. I know what you're thinking... on top of being really cute, I'm rather crafty huh??

Please send good vibes in my quest for better eating.

Sheila Denise

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